Quality Policy

At the behest of the Management of SAFE-RAIN, S.L., and considering the current market competition and the difficulty of entering and remaining within the market, Management has established and put in place a Quality Management System based on the requirements of the UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 Regulation, for all company activities involving design, production and commercialization of irrigation products and ornamental fountains.

Certificado ISO 9001The Quality Management System has the goal of satisfying both the internal and external clients of SAFE-RAIN, S.L., thanks to compliance with the requirements established in the aforementioned regulation and the continuous improvement encouraged by it.

Thus, the Quality Management System presents the following commitments:

  • Management of the Quality of products provided, in accordance with International Regulation ISO 9001.
  • Compliance with the explicit and implicit requirements of our clients, as well as legal requirements, consolidating trust in our Organization.
  • An efficient management and control of the production process.
  • The Continuous Improvement of processes and, thereby, of the efficiency of the Quality Management System.
  • An effective allocation of functions and responsibilities.
  • Raising awareness and motivation of the Company’s personnel towards the importance of the implementation and development of the Quality Management System, as Quality pertains to all departments.

The method of ensuring that all persons who affect quality, that is, all employees of the company, know the policy and objectives presented, will be achieved through their dissemination at all levels of the Company. Deviations which will emerge will be prevented through corresponding preventative actions, which will be analyzed at System Review Meetings.

This Quality Policy is approved by the Manager and is available to all personnel of the Company and any client or supplier who requests it.

Valid April 3, 2017