Dry fountain controller software

Control panel to control dry deck fountains The control of dry deck fountains is now possible thanks to the development of a new software that allows full control of the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) without the need of having prior computer skills. Thanks to a 7" touch screen, the configuration of the dry fountain is as simple as adjusting all electronic parameters required so that the water features act as desired.

Using this software will enable the creation of spectacular water effects based on minimal computer skills, ensuring the success of the installation of the dry deck fountain.

Thanks to this fountain controller software you could

  • Schedule a maximum of 8 turning on and off daily, both hydraulics and electrical.
  • Define a maximum of 10 sets or sequences of operation of the dry fountain jets. It is also possible to associate the water features scheduled for different days of the week so that each day, chosen sets are performed automatically.
  • Adjust the values of the variable speed drives to define the height of the jets. It is possible to define the transition time of the previous value of speed to the current.
  • Define the water jets height based on wind speed (decreasing it if they are equipped with a frequency converter or turning them off).
  • Verify individually the proper operation of each element connected to the panel in the installation phase.
  • Fountain control considering factors such as wind and basin water level.
  • Single tests can be made at any time.
  • You can associate different operation sequences at each scheduling.
  • Software developed in multilanguage.

With this dry fountain controller software we hope to offer the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to install a fountain as such in a very intuitive way.