Select Series

Select Seriesranging from 1 HP to 7.5 HP. Such compacts are the cornerstone of all Aqua Control floating fountains that offer an impressive performance. Safe-Rain sells this pond fountains in two different orientatios:

Floating Fountains Select

  • Select Series - Vertical OrientationVertical: The Vertical Configuration draws water from the bottom inlet and discharges through the nozzle at the top. Benefits of this design include simplicity, lower cost and deep suction. The deep suction provides bottom-to-top water movement for superior pond circulation. Simple, economical and effective extension suction tubes can be added to any vertical pump to provide water intake at virtually any depth, giving very deep ponds or lakes effective circulation. The Select Series can be lit with up to 12 submersible lights and a choice of up to six colors.
  • Select Series - Horizontal OrientationHorizontal: The Horizontal Configuration uses the same pump as the Vertical Configuration, but is designed with the motor and pump mounted horizontally. A Horizontal Configuration can operate in as little as 28 inches (0,7 meters) of water. The advantage of a Horizontal Configuration is the ability to operate any horsepower in very shallow ponds or lakes..
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