Titan Series

Titan Lake Fountains SizeTitan Fountains have the motor and pump mounted horizontally.Advantages include a simple installation that requires little or no adjustment. The water fountain can be operated in as little as 37 inches (1,3 meters) of water and can be lit with up to 20 submersible lights and a choice of up to six colors. The suction screen is cleaned from a boat and is easily removed without tools for complete cleaning. .

Equipment Details:

  • Saltwater grade stainless steel suction screen(s).
  • Can accommodate up to 20 lights
  • 6” stainless steel motors with mechanical seal
  • 6” stainless steel turbine pumps.
  • Can operate in water depths as shallow as 37”.
  • One-piece foam filled floats molded of high strength polyethylene.
  • Interchangeable spray nozzles.
  • Underwater quick disconnect on some HP’s

Considerations for sizing Display Aerators and Fountains:

  • Determine the size of the pond and whether the desired spray pattern will fit within the pond's dimensions.
  • Consider if aeration is a requirement based on the water quality. Determine the surface acre size of the pond and horsepower required for adequate aeration. 1 HP per surface acre is the minimum HP to properly aerate a water body with a Display Aerator
  • Determine the electrical voltage and phase that is available for the site and how many amps are available from the power supply.
  • Determine where the ACI Control Panel will be installed and how far it will be from the power source. This determines power source to Control Panel cord length and gauge
  • Determine how far the ACI Control Panel will be from the Display Aerator or Fountain. Determine the length and gauge of cord that is needed between the ACI Control Panel and the Display Aerator or Water Fountain
  • Determine if lighting is desired and how that will affect the power supply and cord requirements.
Download the data sheet in .pdf format