Electrical Accessories

Electrical fountain accessories are defined as any architectural fountain components that are related to electricity. These may be for reducing the height of the jets or even for shutting down the architectural water feature if the wind exceeds a certain speed (anemometer), to automatically control maximum and minimum water levels in the basin of the fountain or architectural water feature (level sensor), to control multiple water and light effects in complex water fountains (electrical panels), or to control LED lighting effects (DMX RGB Controller)

  • DMX Controller

  • DMX Controller fountain accessories
  • A DMX controller is a control automation device for lighting ...

  • Power repeater

  • Amplificador de potencia
  • If the addition of the powers of the lamps to be governed with each...

  • Underwater Electric Valve

  • Underwater electric valve for water feature fountains
  • These underwater electric valves (IP68) are especially suited to ...

  • Electrical Panels

  • Electrial Panel to control water feature fountains
  • Some water fountains may comprise multiple dynamic effects ..

  • Anemometer

  • Anemometer
  • The wind can produce unwanted effects in an architectural fountain...

  • Level Sensor

  • Level Sensor
  • Level sensors automatically control the minimum and maximum water levels ...