LAKE LED light Series

Our Lake light with submersible LED technology, crafted from IP68 stainless steel and designed expressly for the architectural fountain lights, ponds and gardens, houses a high-performance AR-111 type LED light. It is manufactured Spectacular view of an illuminated fountain from 1 mm sheeting using a stainless steel stamping process, making it both extremely light and resistant to corrosion and aging processes.

Lake light with opcional anti-vandalism grid  Lake light with opcional anti-vandalism grid  Sample of red lighted water sphere
Sample of blue lighted water hemisphere   Sample of green lighted water hemisphere   Sample of decorative fountain illuminated at night
Lake submersible LED Light Plaza de Europa, Tudela (Navarra) Spain.

Technical Features

  • Made of stainless stell AISI 304
  • IP 68 Certified by an external laboratory
  • Lámpara AR-111RGB lighting, white6000K and white 3000K
  • Installation versatility by having models with 2PG inlet/ outlet allowing parallel connection. End cap also supplied.
  • IP68 Connector with additional X-dry protection that ensures a barrier to the entry of condensation.
  • Latest generation LEDs and high performance lighting.
  • Available with 10º or 30º lenses.
  • Reverse polarity self-protected LEDs.
  • 12 and 24Vdc input voltages
  • Large heat evacuation surface, giving durability to the LEDs
  • Optional: Lens guard antivandalism (F5662405).
  • Optional: The underwater Lake light RGB color can be controlled through a DMX Controller (F6324221 o F6324232).
Download the data sheet in .PDF format