Led ring SEA Series

New generation of the LED ring SEA, made of brass and AISI – 304 stainless steel, offers a 1 "H threaded connection for a nozzle to be mounted directly, and one of 1 ½"H for the water inlet, designed for the light beam to shine from behind the water jet accurately and effectively. Corona de LED RGB We have increased the options by incorporating new and more efficient LED circuits that deliver 566 Lumens - SEA 250 RGB; 896 Lm - SEA 500 RGB; and 1,200 Lm - SEA 250 White. In addition, thanks to the lens angle of 10˚ or 30˚, we managed to optimize the range and intensity of the light source. Its optimized and elegant finish is complimented with high performance, enjoying a useful life far superior to any other component of the ornamental fountain.

Coronas de LED fabricadas en Acero Inoxidable y Latón  LED Fountain Ring adapter detail  LED Ring made very thin  LED Fountain Ring back detail
LED Fountain Rings in a urban fountain  Corona de LED iluminada en verde Impressive roundabout fountain lighted with LED
LED Fountain Rings in a urban fountain
LED Fountain Rings in a urban fountain  LED Fountain Rings in a urban fountain  LED Fountain Rings in a urban fountain  Corona de LED con boquilla Chorro de Nieve  LED Fountain Rings in a urban fountain

Product Features

  • The optimum solution for water jet perimeter lighting.
  • Modern design with avant-garde technical solutions.
  • Brass body with top cover in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Light fixture designed for optimum heat transferal, which considerably extends the useful life of the LEDs as well as maintaining their high performance.
  • IP 68 homologation certificate conducted granted by accredited external laboratory.
  • Wide range of luminous flux to optimize energy consumption to the actual needs of the installation.
  • Different optics to concentrate or extend the light beam to adapt to heights or volumes of water.
  • 100% safe connections.
  • 9 high performance LEDs.
  • Controllable by PWM and DMX.
  • RGB, RGBW and white lighting.
Download the data sheet in .PDF format