Lance Jet (I)

This series of fountain nozzles are the most widely used in the world of water feature fountains.  The output diameter varies with the threaded connector (male or external thread). They are manufactured from calibrated brass piping. They are also fitted with one or two inner jet cut-offs (depending on model) that ensure the optimal quality of the water jet up to the heights shown on the technical data sheet.. Architectural water feature with lance jet I fountain nozzles They also have a smooth ball joint that can reach a maximum slope of 20°, thereby enabling parabolic jets to be designed with no additional parts. Small and medium sizes (4 to 10 mm outlet) are suitable for indoor architectural fountains, while 10 to 19 mm diameter outlets are most suitable for outdoor use..

Lance Jet I fountain nozzle manufactured in Brass  lance jet I assembly in a crown of LEDs  lance jet I assembly in a crown of LEDs
Architectural fountain in Madrid made up of several lance jet I nozzles  Perfect Crystalline water jets made up lance jet I fountain nozzles  Crystalline jets in an architectural fountain
Lance Jet I Nozzle

Thank you Pablo César Pérez and Sergio Ocaña for letting us publishing the pictures of his authorship.

Download the data sheet in .PDF format

Technical Features

  • Wind resistance
  • Splash
  • Noise level
  • Visibility
  • Water appearance Clear
  • Water level dependent No
  • Flow straightener vane Yes
  • Ball joint Yes