Geyser Jet

Geyser jetnozzle produce an output fountain jet that combines a mixture of water from the immersed pump, water from the pond and air. High water fountain jet performed by a Geyser Nozzle The end jet pattern is a column of white water, created by mixing air and water together. Because water is drawn from the fountain pond, a pre-determined length of the outlet pipe must remain submerged (as shown in the technical chart). It is important that this level of water is maintained to ensure the performance levels given in the chart. They are equipped with tilt correctors to prevent unwanted jet inclination. The smaller sized geyser jet nozzles (1/2" and 1") are made of 100% cast and machined brass, while the larger sizes (1½”, 2, 2½" and 3”) are a mixture of stainless steel and brass.

Geyser Jet fountain nozzle manufactured in brass and stainless steel  Geyser Jet fountain nozzle manufactured in brass   Water jet performed by Geyser jet nozzle
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Technical Features

  • Wind resistance
  • Splash
  • Noise level
  • Visibility
  • Water appearance Foamy
  • Water level dependent Yes
  • Flow straightener vane *
  • Ball joint / swivel flange *

* Depending on model.