Spherical Shapes

This type of fountain nozzle requires a separate mention, given its special appearance and performance. It could be catalogued as crystalline because each individual jet pipe generates a disc of transparent water, but the end result is the combination of hundreds of discs that create a remarkable spherical (or semi-spherical) volume. Furthermore, because it moves a large volume of water, it forms an extremely large column when it falls.

  • Water Spheres

  • Water Shpere nozzle
Water Spheres: The aim of this type water spheres is to generate a spherical pattern and a high volume column of water when the water falls. Its outer design is also attractive. Each fountain nozzle produces an outlet disc that joins the ones around it to create fascinating patterns. An entire series of sizes is available, which makes it suitable for use in both small indoor fountains and large outdoor water features. It is made mainly of stainless steel and brass.
  • Water Hemispheres

  • Water hemisphere nozzle
Water Hemispheres: The main difference between this nozzle and water spheres is that the water outlet pattern only covers the top half of the sphere. This enhances the cone of falling water, as the lower hemisphere does not interfere with its operation. The basic operating system is the same as for full spheres, i.e. water discs join together to produce the optical effect of a ball of water. It also comes in a wide range of sizes for use in small or large indoor fountains and outdoor water features.