Spray Water Feature

The fountain spray nozzles are used to generate a volume of water spray with a drop size of no greater than 1 mm. These water jets are not used to create great jet heights but rather large volumes in water fountains. When these volumes are created, the lighting manages to totally change the appearance of the fountain during the day and at night, providing two different effects. Oxygenation of the water in the basin is also enhanced.

  • Spraying Jet

  • Spraying Water Jet Nozzle
Spraying Jet: As the name suggests, the aim of this fountain nozzle is to generate a large volume of water spray or mist. The aim is not to create great heights but rather large volumes, making it particularly suitable for architectural fountains lit up at night by our underwater spotlights. Please bear in mind that when installed in outdoor fountains, due to the small weight of the droplet, the wind can easily "overflow" the water fountain; therefore, it should not be installed in open places and, in any case, only at a low height.
  • Spraying Clouds

  • Spraying Clouds Water Fountain Jet
Spraying Clouds: This fountain nozzle is a water manifold on which several spray nozzle heads are fitted. The aim is to create a large volume of water spray, which is particularly attractive in architectural fountains lit with underwater spotlights. It does not require high-power underwater spotlights or LEDs because the nozzle produces a low height pattern. The type of prevailing wind at the installation site should be taken into account and the fountain provided with automatic water re-filling, to avoid the risk of the pond running dry.