Circular fountain ring

Circular fountain ringCircular fountain rings are manufactured as a single part and do not require any joints when fitting. They are made from stainless steel piping in two diameter sizes:

  • 35 mm diameter and 4 x 1" m connectors
  • Ø 54 mm and 4 x 1 1/2" m connections

Fountain rings measuring Ø 35 mm are available in 0.75 m and 1.00 m diameter sizes, while Ø 54 mm fountain rings can be 1.00 m or 1.50 m.
The outlets used are brass end fittings with 3/8" F or 1/2" F gas threads, which allows jet pipes measuring up to 1/2" to be installed in architectural fountains.

Spray ring for Water curtain Spray ring for Water curtain

The number of outlets you choose can be either a prefabricated standard or made-to-order. Contact us and we will study the best alternative for you.
We would also like to highlight their use as a water curtain. In order to create this feature and a diverse array of geometrical shapes, we replace the end fittings with water curtain nozzles.

Accessories: Water manifold support bases

Stainless steel Spray fountain ring          Ten Bearss Irrigation Australia          Spray fountain ring
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