Spherical Architectural Fountains

Selection of images of water spheres and water hemispheres. Such nozzles are noted by their beauty even when they aren't working and are valid for water features fountains indoor and outdoor. As seen in the pictures below water spheres are especially attractive when illuminated at night with esferas de agua son especialmente atrativas si se iluminan por la noche con submersibles lights.

Impressive architectural fountain with huge water sphere
Sculpture with a water sphere at the top
Architectural fountain with lighted water sphere
Laminar water effect detail in our minisphere
Closeup of a sphere of water
Water minisphere illuminated at night
Water minisphere illuminated in a garden
Water hemisphere in offices
Laminar effect detail in a water mini-hemisphere
Closeup of a mini-hemisphere water
Hemisphere of water in a roundabout
Water fountain hemisphere
Water mini-hemisphere illuminated red in the evening