Prefabricated fountain kits

Our prefabricated fountain kits are developed on demand and on request from the customer to adapt to all of your needs. Fountain kit made by Safe-RainThey include all mechanical and electrical equipment necessary to function and provide you the complete product, fully assembled and wired, and ready to go.

The installation of these fountain kits is as simple as unwrapping the product and plugging in the cables (plug & play). We adapt to all of your needs! Our engineering department will even analyze your requirements and offer you a custom product, designed just for you! We have all of the water features and the latest lighting technology, thanks to our wide range of fountain nozzles and submersible lights (LED or halogen).

Plug and play fountain kit  Architectral fountain lit at night  Water sphere in a fountain kit  Architectural fountain lit in red  Water jets lighted in a prefabricated fountain kits  Prefabricated fountain kits with spraying jets

Fountain kit equipment:

Are you interested? Well, there is even more:

  • We adapt of variety of geometrical shapes, designing the water collector that you need for your project.
  • All of our prefabricated fountain kits use Grundfos or KSB pumps made of stainless steel of unquestionable quality and performance. The pump model will always be chosen specifically for your Project.
  • We will develop a control panel specifically to give you the control you want over your fountain's water.
  • All of the fountain kits pass exhaustive operational and quality testing before shipping.


  • Prefabricated fountain kit.
  • System for quick and easy installation..
  • All mechanical and electrical components assembled and ready to operate.
  • LED or Halogen lighting system.
  • Water jets, and choose from among our broad range of nozzles for architectural fountains.