Water Curtains

Impresive water curtainWater curtains have historically been very well accepted by urban landscapers and interior decorators, who have used them in many different ways, whether creating attractive outdoor water walls or as part of interior water walls.

We have always sought to give them a relaxing effect, and, as such, we can find interior water walls decorating various locations, such as offices, shopping centers, and even homes.

Water Curtain

Indoor water curtain
Water Curtain: comprises a 4 mm wide strip of plastic sheeting, along which the water runs under the effect of gravity from the outlet to the fountain pond. The out-flowing water runs continuously over the plastic sheet, which can even be fitted at an angle of 15º without the drop of water falling. A counterweight is fitted at the end of the plastic sheet so that the thread is taut at all times.

Water Wall

Indoor fountain with water wall
Water Wall: The water wall is a versatile product that works both as an architectural interior fountain, thanks to its silent operation, as well as for exterior fountains, thanks to its high wind resistance.

It is an easily installable fountain kit, ideal for decorating interiors and vertical gardens, since the water jets can slide like layers over different surfaces, such as glass (allowing the projection of images), natural stone or wooden walls, and more.

Pool Waterfall Weir

Pool waterfall weir
Pool waterfall weir: or simply pool waterfalls, is a product specially designed for creating swimming pool waterfalls, for outdoor and indoor areas, thanks to its harmonious and relaxing sound. This stainless steel waterfall nozzle will produce a laminar fall of water easily installable and easy to maintain, thanks to its design.

Our catalog includes three types of water curtains: First, we have the well-known Mylar wire water curtain and the laminar water curtain, both used as water fountains for interior decorations; Second, we have digital/interactive water curtains, a much more innovative product that allows us to write in the water.