Water Show 

Water ShowsGet an impressive water show thanks to the products you will find in this section. They combine water, light, sound and technology to provide the viewer a water entertainment show that will never leave anybody unmoved.

Starting with the dancing fountains where water dances to the music beat, thanks to PLC or DMX technologies incorporated in our Control Panels, and ending with digital water curtains that thanks to its different geometrical shapes can print all sorts of symbols. All these products are specifically designed by Safe-Rain and incorporate the latest water entertainment technologies to empower your water show.

Dancing Fountain

Water show with DMX or PLC technologies
Dancing Fountain: Thanks to our dancing fountain controlled by the latest DMX or PLC entertainment technology you'll get spectacular water effects where water dances to the beat of the music.

DMX Control Panels are specifically designed by our  technical team for water shows and incorporate a touchscreen PC, software and the DMX technology needed to help you making water dance to the beat of the music...

Digital Water Curtain

Interactive and digital water curtain
Digital Water Curtain: Using the digital water curtain, we can print letters and symbols on a dynamic water wall, formed by multiple, vertical water jets. Using the included software and computer equipment, this interactive water curtain is able to represent both symbols and letters, as the user desires, ideal for your water show.

The digital water curtain is available in prefabricated modules that include 32 programmable nozzles per linear meter. The included software is user-friendly, converting simple keystrokes into signals to open and close the electro valves, thus printing letters and symbols in the water.

3D Fountain animation

3D Fountain virtualization
3D Fountain animation: Is there a better way to sell a dancing fountain, that watching it running before installing it? In SafeRain we believe that it doesn't, that is why we offer this exclusive service for our Partners worldwide. We just need you to provide us all the relevant information about your project and we'll do the whole 3d fountain animation of your water show.