Interactive Fountain

Interactive fountain lighted at night When we talk about interactive fountain that do not include music, usually the best option is to use PLC technology Control Panels with except of large projects where we recommend the DMX technology that is easily configurable.

Usually an interactive fountain do incorporate PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) technology to all projects with a dancing fountain of low to medium complexity, without addition of musical choreography. For example, we usually turn to this technology in the installation of dry deck fountains, where our Waterboys performs the water features requested by the customer but without incorporating the musical ingredient.

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Contact-us and we will help youContact to tell us your requirements and our engineers will design the PLC technology control panel that best suits your project needs, thanks to our huge experience in interactive fountain.

PLC technology Control Panels:

  • Recommended for dancing water fountain projects with low or medium complexity that do not incorporate musical choreography.
  • The Control Panel is delivered programmed with the water displays that you've defined in your interactive fountain.
  • Incorporates PLC technology, with maximum reliability and stability of operation.
  • Simplicity of the Panel wiring.
  • Cheaper than DMX technology for not too complex fountain projects.
  • You can change the programming of the water displays thanks to the PLC software.